Day 15

Well I feel like a goober today, just realize I should be on Day 18.  Such is life, sometimes you mess up.

  1. The total deliciousness of a chile relleno made with Hatch green chile.  It is officially chile time and our area has a ton of Hatch green chile.  The restaurant I went to was serving up chile rellenos made with Hatch green chile.  There is nothing better than fresh chile!  YUM!
  2. Co-workers that always can make me laugh.  Sometimes if you don’t laugh you will just end up crying.  I prefer to find the humor and laugh away!  It is a crazy time of year here and laughter is definitely the best medicine.
  3. Having a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting.  What a great treat after lunch!

I guess lunch was the highlight of my day 🙂  Just realized two of my three things were food I ate at lunch.  I guess it was comfort food to the rescue.  I will say lunch was great not just because of the food…co-workers had me laughing all through lunch and it was a great stress relief.


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