Day 16

I am having to remind my self of the great saying “Don’t sweat the small stuff…and it is all small stuff.”

  1. I am so grateful for a boyfriend that gently reminds me when I am stressing out about work that “Your not curing cancer or saving anyone’s life.  In the grand scheme of things it just isn’t that important.”  Or the other thing he will ask me to put things in perspective, “will this matter in 10 years or have any giant bearing on your life in 10 years?  If not, then it isn’t something you should lose sleep over.”  These are all great words to live by and I know I need to be reminded of all of it!  Thanks love for always being my rock!
  2. Getting a kitty cat snuggle after a long day.  I was lying on the couch and my little man jumped up and wanted to be cuddled.  I get so much more out of it then i think he does.
  3. The yumminess of frozen yogurt.  A new frozen yogurt shop opened up several months ago and I had heard from several friends it was delicious.  They were all right!  Tasted so very good after a long hot day.  I will definitely go back.  It was definitely a nice treat to have while working late

Number 3 was a great reminder for me of not concentrating on the negative, working late, but take joy in the little things that make me happy or my day better!


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