Day 22

  1. Laughing at myself!  I was heading out the door to work and stopped and thought about getting a light jacket, because it was so cool outside.  It just felt cool because I had become accustomed to having the “low” be in the upper 80’s when I am leaving to work.  It is things like this that remind me what a goof I really am 🙂
  2. The wonderful feel of soft cotton pajamas after a long day.  They were super soft from numerous washings  and still smelled of the fabric softener I use.  It felt so very good to get into comfy pj’s last night!
  3. Getting a big hug from my boyfriend after a long day and/or week.  Nothing like having my face snuggled into his chest and his arms around me to make me feel safe and secure!

Day 21

This post will encompass the last 4 days of a crazy busy weekend!


  1. First and foremost I am so very grateful to a wonderful boyfriend who rarely complains about my crazy work schedule.  I had been MIA for the last week because of work and not many men would be so understanding and supportive.  He also is my biggest supporter when I have a hard week and lets me know how much I am loved.
  2. I am thankful for family that will look after my little four legged furball when I am working crazy hours and can’t get home to feed him.  Knowing that he is being looked after and loved is a big relief.  My little furball is like my kiddo to me and I feel bad when I know I am going to get home late and neglect him.
  3. I am not much of a drinker but sometimes I just crave an icy cold beer with lots of lime and salt.  The one I had on Saturday hit the spot and tasted oh so very delicious!


Day 20


I know I am late in posting this, but it has been really crazy the last 5 days.


  1. I am thankful for a job that pays me fairly well for the city I live in.  When I get frustrated with things that go on at work I try to remind myself that there are many people were I live that would rather have my work issues then issues trying to find a job.  It is easier to be frustrated at work when you have a paycheck and your bills are paid.
  2. I am thankful that I was not responsible for every aspect of setup for this years kickoff to the football season celebration at work.  Last year I worked 21 hours getting everything done in one day.  What a difference a year makes.
  3. It is wonderful to climb into a comfy bed after a long day!

Day 19


Love and laughter are always things to be grateful for.  These are the things that make my days better.

  1. I am grateful for the love and support of a wonderful boyfriend.  I have been feeling bad because the last two weeks I have been neglecting him due to work.  He lets me know he misses me and is there to give me support in what has been a long couple of weeks.
  2. I had  good belly laugh at lunch.  Nothing like comfort food, thank you Monte Cristo, and a good laugh to make a day better.  The laughter from yesterday’s “baby Jesus” continued today.  Lunch ended with a yummy cupcake from one of my favorite bakeries!
  3. Best part of today will be getting off before 9pm!

Day 18

I know I skipped several days, um namely the weekend 🙂  I think I am going to do this for 30 days…still technically a month, at least day wise.

  1. Started my day off with a smile on my face, heard a DMB song on my way to work.  I hadn’t heard Crash in awhile and I caught myself singing along, true sign I am in a pretty good mood!
  2. Hearing my boyfriend’s sexy morning voice right after DMB song finished!  I love how deep and gravely his voice sounds right after he wakes up.  Put an instant smile on my face!
  3. Having my boyfriend tie some random line from a movie into something I am telling him.  I have laughed out loud several times today just thinking about Taladaga Nights and the Legend of Ricky Bobby!  I was telling him some story about how one of the characters from one of the “reality” shows i watch is always thanking baby Jesus and I read a funny article about it online.  He then he tells me about a scene from Taladaga Nights,
“Ricky: Dear Tiny, Infant, Jesus…
Carley: Hey, um, sweetie…Jesus did grow up. You don’t always have to call him baby. It’s a bit odd and off-puttin’ to pray to a baby.
Ricky: Look, I like the Christmas Jesus best, and I’m sayin’ grace. When you say grace, you can say it to Grownup Jesus or Teenage Jesus or Bearded Jesus or whoever you want”
I know it is goofy but it has made my day!  Definitely something to be grateful for!

Day 17

I think the saying is true it is better to give then to receive

  1. I found the cutest shop while coming back from lunch.  They sell the most adorable accessories and tutus for little girls.  I went a little crazy buying hair accessories for all my little cousins!  I think i will get more joy in the shopping and giving then they will in receiving the gift.  It definitely has made my day though!  I know all of them will look so cute  with the bows and headbands in their hair.
  2. The joy and anticipation of the weekend and all it has to offer.  I guess Friday’s gives me a bit of the same lift that anticipating a vacation for weeks gives.
  3. Re-seeing Men in Black at the Canyon.  Forgot how funny the movie was and it felt good to have a good laugh!
  4. Having the wind blow through my hair and not really thinking about anything while driving home after the movie.  Was a great way to end my workweek and start my weekend!

Day 16

I am having to remind my self of the great saying “Don’t sweat the small stuff…and it is all small stuff.”

  1. I am so grateful for a boyfriend that gently reminds me when I am stressing out about work that “Your not curing cancer or saving anyone’s life.  In the grand scheme of things it just isn’t that important.”  Or the other thing he will ask me to put things in perspective, “will this matter in 10 years or have any giant bearing on your life in 10 years?  If not, then it isn’t something you should lose sleep over.”  These are all great words to live by and I know I need to be reminded of all of it!  Thanks love for always being my rock!
  2. Getting a kitty cat snuggle after a long day.  I was lying on the couch and my little man jumped up and wanted to be cuddled.  I get so much more out of it then i think he does.
  3. The yumminess of frozen yogurt.  A new frozen yogurt shop opened up several months ago and I had heard from several friends it was delicious.  They were all right!  Tasted so very good after a long hot day.  I will definitely go back.  It was definitely a nice treat to have while working late

Number 3 was a great reminder for me of not concentrating on the negative, working late, but take joy in the little things that make me happy or my day better!