Day 19


Love and laughter are always things to be grateful for.  These are the things that make my days better.

  1. I am grateful for the love and support of a wonderful boyfriend.  I have been feeling bad because the last two weeks I have been neglecting him due to work.  He lets me know he misses me and is there to give me support in what has been a long couple of weeks.
  2. I had  good belly laugh at lunch.  Nothing like comfort food, thank you Monte Cristo, and a good laugh to make a day better.  The laughter from yesterday’s “baby Jesus” continued today.  Lunch ended with a yummy cupcake from one of my favorite bakeries!
  3. Best part of today will be getting off before 9pm!

Days 11 – 13

Well I need to get better about posting on the weekend!  The upside is I was out living and enjoying life!


Day 11

Heck it was Friday and I think that is something to be grateful for 😉

  • Enjoyed the last day of working 1/2 day on Friday.  This was the last week of our Summer schedule 😦  Was a hectic day but so nice to get off early.
  • No frantic phone calls from work, because many of them worked a full day Friday 🙂
  • Getting to see one of my best friends and catch up with her a little.  While I love meeting with all the ladies once a month it doesn’t seem to be enough time to catch up with everyone!  It is always nice to get some time to talk with any of them one on one


Day 12

  • I was able to eat lunch with my dear boyfriend!  It is always nice when we are able to find some alone time.
  • Waking up to a cool house!  The summer has been long and hot and was wonderful not to wake up sticky
  • Being able to decompress after a long week.  Sometimes it is so very nice to get away from everything and everyone and spend quite time with my boyfriend!


Day 13

Sunday was a nice quite day, just what I need before the craziness that is Fall Rush at work!

  • The smell of a freshly washed towel when you get out of the shower.  It is a small pleasure I don’t enjoy enough
  • Having my wonderful boyfriend rub lotion all over my feet and legs.  Such an act of kindness that brings me such joy and relaxation!
  • Spending a quite Sunday with my boyfriend listening to music and enjoying Sunday.  Nowhere to rush off to and nothing huge pending to do.

Day 4

  1. The first thing I saw when I got backed out of the driveway this morning was a beautiful rainbow!  There was a cluster of billowy white clouds with rays of sunshine peaking through that formed the backdrop.
  2. Hearing my boyfriends voice.  Talking to him reminds me how much he cares for me.
  3. Friends that think of you.  Call from E to let me know that her company is hiring and thinks I would be a great addition.

Day 2

Today I am not finding 3 thing to be grateful hard…guess I should be thankful for that 😉

1. Having sarcastic friends on fb…Many made me laugh today on fb!

2. Having sushi for lunch.  A little gem during the middle of a workday!

3. Going to Circle K and getting a 49 cent thirst buster.  Having a diet coke with lime or orange is one of my small vices.    I usually try and only have a soda at lunch and it feels indulgent to have one during the day at my desk!  🙂