Day 17

I think the saying is true it is better to give then to receive

  1. I found the cutest shop while coming back from lunch.  They sell the most adorable accessories and tutus for little girls.  I went a little crazy buying hair accessories for all my little cousins!  I think i will get more joy in the shopping and giving then they will in receiving the gift.  It definitely has made my day though!  I know all of them will look so cute  with the bows and headbands in their hair.
  2. The joy and anticipation of the weekend and all it has to offer.  I guess Friday’s gives me a bit of the same lift that anticipating a vacation for weeks gives.
  3. Re-seeing Men in Black at the Canyon.  Forgot how funny the movie was and it felt good to have a good laugh!
  4. Having the wind blow through my hair and not really thinking about anything while driving home after the movie.  Was a great way to end my workweek and start my weekend!

Day 4

  1. The first thing I saw when I got backed out of the driveway this morning was a beautiful rainbow!  There was a cluster of billowy white clouds with rays of sunshine peaking through that formed the backdrop.
  2. Hearing my boyfriends voice.  Talking to him reminds me how much he cares for me.
  3. Friends that think of you.  Call from E to let me know that her company is hiring and thinks I would be a great addition.