Day 20


I know I am late in posting this, but it has been really crazy the last 5 days.


  1. I am thankful for a job that pays me fairly well for the city I live in.  When I get frustrated with things that go on at work I try to remind myself that there are many people were I live that would rather have my work issues then issues trying to find a job.  It is easier to be frustrated at work when you have a paycheck and your bills are paid.
  2. I am thankful that I was not responsible for every aspect of setup for this years kickoff to the football season celebration at work.  Last year I worked 21 hours getting everything done in one day.  What a difference a year makes.
  3. It is wonderful to climb into a comfy bed after a long day!

Day 17

I think the saying is true it is better to give then to receive

  1. I found the cutest shop while coming back from lunch.  They sell the most adorable accessories and tutus for little girls.  I went a little crazy buying hair accessories for all my little cousins!  I think i will get more joy in the shopping and giving then they will in receiving the gift.  It definitely has made my day though!  I know all of them will look so cute  with the bows and headbands in their hair.
  2. The joy and anticipation of the weekend and all it has to offer.  I guess Friday’s gives me a bit of the same lift that anticipating a vacation for weeks gives.
  3. Re-seeing Men in Black at the Canyon.  Forgot how funny the movie was and it felt good to have a good laugh!
  4. Having the wind blow through my hair and not really thinking about anything while driving home after the movie.  Was a great way to end my workweek and start my weekend!

Day 1

Today I have been grateful for light traffic driving to work.
A job that allows me to get a quick breakfast when I have an early meeting and don’t have time to eat something.
Listening to Pandora on my computer at work. It makes my day more pleasant when it gets stressful.